Monday, April 9, 2012

In support of Obamacare

Not that my opinion matters at this point in time since it's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether Obamacare will stay or get tossed, but I came across yet another reason to support the Affordable Care Act this morning.

Sonji Wilkes, a mother of three, wrote about her battle with lifetime insurance caps for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (which was re-posted at Moms Rising this morning). In summary, her newborn son was diagnosed with hemophilia - a very expensive blood disorder - and her husband's insurance imposed a $1 million lifetime cap on benefits. After only 18 months her son's medical bills already totaled about $750,000. What is a mother supposed to do in a situation like this? Her family considered multiple options - including getting divorced so that her son would qualify for Medicare as a single-mother. Luckily, Obamacare was passed and lifetime limits were done away with. Sonji is grateful that she is able to keep her child safe.

Although always supportive of Obamacare, after the early birth of my daughter I became more so. Similar to  Sonji, our daughter has amassed over half a million dollars in medical bills in the first eight months of life. With a lifelong disorder, she will require medical care and expensive medications for the rest of her life. We've been thankful knowing that she will never be denied coverage due to a pre-exisiting condition or lifetime caps and that she can stay on our plan until she has a job of her own or is 26 years old. These benefits  are important to all families, but especially to those who have sick children.

As I wait (rather impatiently) for the Supreme Court decision I plan to continue posting stories highlighting the benefits of the ACA. If your life has already been impacted positively by Obamacare please feel free to share your story! You can comment below or email me.

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