Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Must Haves For Baby: Basics

A couple weeks ago a girlfriend emailed to ask about must-have baby registry items. It got me thinking about what you REALLY need with a new baby and what things you can totally do without. Babies R Us has a list of "250 items... that you truly need" on their website; not only is their list overwhelming but there are many things you can definitely pass on. I am a research junky so naturally as soon as I found out I was pregnant I went to town studying everything I could find online and in print. I wanted to have a cute, well-supplied nursery without breaking the bank. A girlfriend sent me a copy of the book Baby Bargains which does a great job of explaining items that you may need and their various price points. (I also think that this book makes an awesome congratulations gift for a first time mom!) I also leaned on my sister, mother of two, for a lot of help in deciding what I really needed for baby.

Today we'll start with the basics, and over the next several days I'll post about additional items that will make life easier with your new baby.
Let your friends know that you are open to hand-me-downs and watch the clothes grow!

Bare Basics
If you really want only the essentials for the first week or two you can get away with just the following:
  • Diapers/wipes - Lots of people suggest that even if you plan to use cloth diapers it's easier to use disposables those first few weeks when baby poops upwards of 12 times a day! You can also skip the newborn size and go straight to size 1 for most babies.
  • A pack of 2-3 onsies
  • A couple of receiving blankets or swaddles (I loved the HALO SleepSack Swaddle for the first several months.)
  • Nail file or clippers (I was too scared to use the clippers so I filed baby's nails until she was older. Also, don't waste money on those baby mittens. A nurse in the NICU said that they keep babies from sucking on their fingers, which is soothing and will help them sleep.)
  • Car seat - Required and should be new! Some hospitals give them to new mothers so make sure you check before purchasing.
  • A sample of formula and a few bottles - experts recommend breastfeeding your baby, but if you initially have issues (and many women do!) you might feel less stressed about it knowing you have a temporary back-up plan (with that being said, babies only need a very small amount of colostrum those first couple days since their stomachs can only hold 5-7mLs!)
Tomorrow: If you have a little more time and money these things will make life easier!


  1. I love that book also! I send it to all of my pregnant friends :-). I'm going to share this link with my friends that are pregnant too - great info, Aimee!!


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