Monday, April 16, 2012

Must Haves For Baby: Feeding

My "pump station" with all of my tools: pump, chair, water, watch, pump log, Motherlove, chapstick and reading material. :)
Essentials for Feeding
If baby is breastfeeding you may not need any of these items - at least not right away. Although as I suggested in my first "Must Have" post, things could go awry those first few days and you might feel more comfortable knowing that you are prepared. I wanted to breastfeed but had to pump for Sweet Pea; these are all of the things that I needed. If you are formula feeding the only thing you need to add is the formula. I've also listed a few things that you may need if you are breastfeeding. (There is an interesting article on Babble about the cost of breastfeeding. Apparently some women are spending upwards up $2,000 on it?! I don't see how that is possible, although they've estimated $1,000 for a working mother to rent a hospital grade pump. If you really need a hospital grade pump - I did - your insurance will cover it. I'd love to hear from someone who has spent that much breastfeeding.)

  • Bottles - Dr. Browns bottles work for my babe, but you may have to try a few different ones before settling on a brand that works. (So don't go nuts registering for huge sets!)
  • Steam sterilizer - I'm a little psycho when it comes to Sweet Pea staying healthy so we steam bottles every night.
  • Bottle drying rack - You could just put them on a dishtowel but this is so easy.
  • Bottle brush
  • Breast pump and storage bags/bottles - The type of pump you need will depend on how often you are using it. If you are exclusively breastfeeding and only need to pump for the occasional trip away from your babe, you can get one pretty inexpensively. If you are going to pump when you go back to work the Medela Pump in Style is quite nice (and some insurance companies will pay for it if you participate in their pre-natal program). Also, there are those of us who pump full time for various reasons, if it's medically necessary ask your insurance about a hospital grade pump. I used the Medela Symphony for the 8 months I pumped. It's a rental but it's amazing and only cost us about $30/month.
  • Bibs/burp cloths - I got a lot of hand-me-down bibs from my sister and I made burp cloths out of flannel. Had I known how bad reflux could be I'd have made them comforter-sized! 
  • Nipple cream - I highly recommend the Mother Love products.  If you are pumping you can also just use olive oil.
  • Nursing bras - I bought two good ones and two sports bra-type nursing bras. Total spent - about $100. Had I know that I wasn't going back to work I would have only bought the sports-type of bra which is the most comfortable in my opinion. And they were $10/each!
  • Boppy - I mentioned this item on my "Adding to your stash" list. It's not only good for propping baby up while you feed, but it also comes in handy for tummy time and to practice sitting up.
  • Mother's Milk tea and oatmeal - if you are pumping or breastfeeding you might want to have these on hand to help with your supply.
  • KellyMom - this website has been my go-to source for almost all of my breastfeeding and pumping questions. Even if you plan to - or end up - formula feeding, there is a ton of great information on this site that is incredibly useful.
Have I missed anything that you found helpful? (I purposely left off "hooter hiders" and bottle warmers because I think you can live without them, am I wrong?)

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  1. The microwave steam sterilizer was awesome. We used it about 5 times a day. But I'm really loving the switch to sippy cups and no more sterilizing!


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