Monday, May 7, 2012

Easiest Mobile Ever

When I was pregnant I spent hours looking at nursery decor, especially once I was on bedrest and had nothing better to do. From all of my "research" I knew I wanted a functional mobile for the crib, and a pretty mobile to hang above the rocking chair. There are some beautiful mobiles on etsy:
from Whimsical Accents
from Hannah and Aspen
from Birds of a Feather by Lacey414
But... all of the ones I loved were $60+! I decided to make my own.

Since I live in the middle of nowhere all DIY craft projects take a lot of planning. You have to order everything that you need online or drive far, far away. God forbid you forget something! After much brainstorming I decided to go the easiest route possible. (Recently I've seen many other bloggers post their mobiles based on the same idea.)

I bought a Photo Clip Mobile from Amazon for less than $10.Then, I found wonderful bird postcards at a quaint gift shop in Southern Vermont. You can find them on Amazon now for $10.80. (Amazon has everything a rural Mama needs!)

Once you have your mobile and whatever it is you want to hang from it, just put it together and you have something cute, inexpensive and reusable. (I would NOT hang this above or near a crib because I am a worrier and would fully expect it to come tumbling down on baby while she's sleeping!)
Hung with a push pin and fishing string.

Our cozy little reading corner!
Other versions of similar mobiles include this fancy bird one at Iffer's Nest, or this under the sea-themed mobile at Renewing My Mind, or this photo mobile at Apartment Therapy. So many different ideas!

I am STILL not finished with Sweet Pea's nursery (again, no big deal since she doesn't live in there anyway) but when I am done I'll post pics!

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