Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got some...

Just wanted to update everyone on our DDAVP issue. I spent Tuesday on the phone trying to get some answers re: the shortage. The FDA website showed that one company had the injectable in stock so I called them (Sanofi) and spoke to 5 different people - but the last person was incredible. She is a pharmacist for the company and explained that they did have DDAVP in stock but that it was brand name, not generic (apparently they are no longer making generic). She suggested calling our mail order place to make sure that they were checking for both products. I also picked her brain about the shortage in general (she said it was not a raw material issue since they are able to make the other versions of DDAVP but she didn't know why they keep running in to shortages) and asked some more specific questions regarding the rhinal tube (on back order because of the tube, not the medicine) and the nose spray (she tried but was unable to pry the lid off the container). All in all, very helpful stuff.

Next I called our mail order company - I now have the direct number to the backorder department - and asked them if they had checked both brand name and generic. What do you think their answer was? Our conversation went like this:
Me: "Do you have the brand name DDAVP in stock?"
Agent: "Let me check...... Yes, we do but it will cost you $40. Are you sure you don't want to wait?"
Me: "If my daughter doesn't get this medicine will have to go to the ER; so yes, I want the medication now."
I wanted to scream. She proceeded to tell me that yes, the prescription is written for either product so in the future they will check for both. Why they didn't check for both on Monday is beyond me.

Because I wanted to make double-sure that the nose spray cannot be broken into, I went to my handy-dandy DI Facebook group (love them) and asked if anyone had done it before. Not one, but two people responded with pictures and descriptions of how they pry the tops off. Fabulous! There has NEVER been a shortage of nose spray so at next week's appointments I hope that we can come up with a plan to switch to that product (which we would give to Sweet Pea orally, thus the need for breaking into the bottle).

As a side note, once I cleared up the generic/brand issue it took exactly 22 hours for me to receive 4 vials of her meds + supplies for giving it. They sent it all overnight... we now have 6 months worth of meds. Hooray!

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